Name: “Hands Raised” by Uncommon London for Google.

Age: About a week old.

Well, what is it? Hands Raised is the latest advert for Google created by Uncommon. The 60 second ad depicts a number of social situations that spark curiosity and a search for answers such as ”what’s a ceilidh” and “how to check on someone”.

Why is it special? The scenarios portrayed in the ad are very straightforward and true to life situations. I’m sure we’ve all seen a cultural celebration or tradition and wondered what it was, and for me, this is where the ad comes…

LinkedIn is often overlooked in the world of social media. Facebook has the controversy, Instagram has the beautiful people, Twitter is…well, an addictive dumpster fire of a platform and TikTok has the creative muscle.

So what about LinkedIn? Yes, it is a bit more straight-laced than its chaotic cousins but there is still fun to be had on the platform. And we are constantly seeing innovative, and dare we say it, creative, uses of the professional network.

So forget about those cool kids on Instagram and TikTok, and come across to the grown-up table. The wine is good, the conversation…

Fashion is something we all have in common. Whether you’re on the catwalk or walking the street as a postman, we all love to feel comfortable in what we wear.

And like all walks of life, there is a real push towards sustainability in fashion at the moment. We’ve seen reselling platforms like Depop experience significant growth in this regard, but they are far from the only adopters. This week, we take a look at five retail companies that are becoming more circular by hosting their own resale or rental companies.

Urban Outfitters to launch circular fashion platform Nuuly Thrift

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

We’ve all got one too many social media apps on our phones these days. It’s gotten to the point where new features, app integrations, and promotional campaigns are appearing on a weekly basis. As such, news about the social media platforms themselves can often get lost on our timelines, buried beneath the seemingly endless stream of viral videos, relatable tweets and your mates’ side-hustle promotions. That’s why this week, we wanted to share with you five goings-on with social media that you may have missed.

TikTok Is Now The Most Downloaded Social Media App

Earlier this month TikTok overtook Facebook…

Podcasts. Everyone and the milkman’s got one. The barrier for entry is relatively low, they’re simple to distribute and even easier to consume.

As such, you have to snuffle through the dirt to find the real truffles. But when you do stumble upon the right ones, they’re worth the search. Here are five podcasts that have kept us at Velvet informed, entertained, and on occasion, just a bit confused.

The Intelligence

Published every weekday by The Economist’s radio arm, The Intelligence is the perfect companion for your morning coffee or dog-walk. Condensed into just twenty minutes, each episode takes a…

Our work with OMG and Hearts & Science over the past few weeks has focused our minds firmly on sustainability. In this week’s ‘Friday 5’, eternal optimist Andy Riley looks at the latest developments that suggest that perhaps the future doesn’t have to be entirely awful…

  • The UK govt is updating our infrastructure for electric cars: It’s nine years and counting until the ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles comes into force. The Transport Select Committee is now advising on how to make greener cars a viable option for everyone.

Why should I care?

The banning…

With social media’s instant updates, and the never-ending news cycle, it can sometimes prove difficult to stay on top of all the breaking stories that come through our screens. We’re constantly trawling the news here at Velvet, and this week we’re sharing just some of the lesser-known newsletters and sites that can help you reduce the clutter, whilst also keeping you as informed as possible.


Impartiality is incredibly important in a world filled with clickbait, bias and opinions masquerading as facts. …

With the end of lockdown restrictions imminent, the retail sector could be about to experience the next shake-up in what’s been a turbulent period, to say the very least. In today’s ‘Friday 5’ Alex Easlea picks out the juiciest recent retail stories from the past week that you should know about.

Online retail sales have hit a record low

High streets are looking, thankfully, more like they were pre-pandemic. Consumer confidence continues to grow as restrictions ease, and it’s clear shoppers have been craving the types of sensory experiences that only come with old-school browsing.

But e-commerce has taken a…

Could football be finally coming home? Could the Suns finally win the NBA playoffs? Will the crowds actually be let in to watch the Olympics? Will the Lions beat South Africa in their own backyard? Will Darren Stevens ever get called up for the England cricket team?

This summer seems to have come to a crescendo when it comes to sport. Even for someone as sports-mad as myself, it’s a struggle to keep up with it all. There are literally not enough hours in the day.

And it is not just on the field/court/track/pitch where the action is taking place…

It’s often hard to keep on top of what’s new when our social media feeds are constantly peddling products at us. That’s why, this week, we’ve brought together the 5 product and services launches we love enough to put on your radar…


Advertising itself as the ‘Airbnb for workspaces’, Narau might prove itself vital to our post-pandemic working habits. We’ve all seen a rise in local workspaces, popping up on every street corner like Starbucks, and for those who can’t stand the home office (or the dining room table) anymore, then this app could be handy.

The idea is…

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